California Cheap Skates

26 12 2010

While hanging out with my gf’s little bro he tells me about this CCS
catalog and I said you mean Califonia Cheap Skates and he said yeah
that’s what they used to be called, I said fuck do you have one here
and he shows me this one.

Brings back so many memories of hanging out at junior high school
drooling over the newest boards, clothes, and whatevers was in the
catalog wondering how I can come up with the money to order anything
from the catalog.

This was before the internet and easy ordering when buying skate shit
just seems like a fucking journey. Back in the days when you had to
fill out a order form as mail in a check and wait the 2-3 weeks for it
to arrive.

That last time I saw one of these catalog was like 15 years ago.

Fuck, nostalgia fa sho.



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